Got Orders to Eglin AFB?

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Yay, you got orders to Eglin Air Force Base. Hi, I'm Jodie Cordell from Spence Properties, and today, I'm gonna give you three reasons why you should consider buying a house in Crestview. Number one, homes are more affordable in Crestview. What I mean by that is you're gonna get a lot more house for your money, so if you want to stretch your home-buying dollar a little bit further, look to Crestview. Number two, it's an easy commute to Eglin. If you buy your home in south Crestview, your commute has very few lights, and it's just a straight shot all the way in. So, your morning drive will be a lot less stressful, a lot more peaceful. It's a great time to listen to your podcast, your motivational recordings, or even audio books. Hello, Audible. And number three, Crestview is booming. There's a lot of houses already on the market here in Crestview, and many of them are newer homes. And with the population growing the way it is, even more homes are being built as we speak. I hope you can see why Crestview makes sense. It's a smart choice for your next home, and if you have any other questions about buying a house in Crestview, or selling a house in Crestview, feel free to reach out to me any time. I'm Jodie Cordell with Spence Properties, and it's my passion to help you live where you love, and love where you live.

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