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PCS'ing is tough no matter how many times you've done it, but I've got a new program to make your life easier. So, sit tight, I'm going to be telling you about it right now.

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to my channel. My name is Jodie Cordell, and I'm a realtor with Spence Properties here in Crestview, Florida. Today, I want to tell you about a brand new program specifically for those people who are moving here from out of the area, especially those who are PCS'ing here to Eglin Air Force Base.

Once you arrive at Eglin, they generally put you up in TLF for about 30 days while you try to learn the area as quickly as possible. You get to learn how to get around, all about the different towns and cities around the base. You get to figure out where you want to live. There's really so many areas to choose from here outside of Eglin. There's a couple of small towns right outside of the base. Then there's Niceville with its planned developments and proximity to the beaches. There's Navarre, which is really close to Hurlburt Field, and it's on the water.

And then there's Fort Walton Beach and Mary Ester, which that's where there's a lot of older, more historic neighborhoods. Of course, then there's Destin, which is right on the beach, and it's usually where most of the tourists like to go. And you can't forget about Crestview, which is North of all of that, and really close to the Alabama state line. So you'll have to figure out where you want to be. Then you have to find a house, and decide on how much you want to offer, and then submit your offer, and hopefully get it accepted. And then you have to go through the whole contract period. And let's be honest, no one can get all that done in 30 days. Your TLF will run out way before you're able to get to the closing table.

So what's the alternative? Lots of people end up renting because they feel like it's easier, but I'm going to tell you something. Our rental market has been stretched dramatically since Hurricane Michael came through and wiped out a big chunk of Panama City, including Tyndall Air Force Base. Most of the rental properties nowadays end up with multiple applications and owners have to find ways to narrow down their selection. So getting a rental may also be a challenge. But even if it wasn't, you'll never be able to get ahead financially if you just keep renting every time you PCS.

The way you build wealth for you and your family is through investing. And investing in real estate is one of the smartest ways to do that. According to some of the wealthiest people in the world like, Warren Buffet, real estate is the fastest and easiest way to create and build wealth. It's very possible to buy a house and pocket 10, 15, or even $20,000 when you sell, depending on how much the house has appreciated in the amount of time that you've owned it, or whether or not you've added any improvements or fixed it up, or if you're just lucky enough to live in an area where properties appreciate at an accelerated rate.

So wouldn't it be great to move in a few years and had that kind of money to put in the bank or to use it as a down payment for your next house? So how can we accomplish finding that house? Through virtual reality house hunting, that's how. Let me explain how it works. You're going to tell me exactly what it is that you're looking for in a home. And then I'm going to send you a list of suitable homes for you to check out. You're going to find one or two that you really like, and you're going to say, "Ooh, this one looks awesome. I'd really like to take a look at this one."

Then I go to the property with my 360 degree camera. I'm going to walk through the property and I'm going to give you some insight about the home that you can't get just from looking at the pictures online. I'll be able to let you know things like this one smells like cat pee, or this one smells like cigarettes. Ew. Also, you'll be able to see all around the house. So you'll be able to see if your neighbor's yard is junked up with old cars and car parts, or if one of your neighbors is just really bad at keeping his yard up. You'll be able to see just exactly what the view outside your master bedroom window will be every day.

When you're looking at pictures on or Zillow, you're only seeing what the listing agent wants you to see, right? It's their job to show the house in the very best possible light. They're not showing you all the flaws. But, that's the information that you actually need in order to decide if you want to make an offer on this house or not. So by doing this in advance, it can make your transition to the Emerald coast much smoother and a whole lot less stressful. I can start sending you properties and links to the videos before you ever even get here. And you can do a lot of the legwork before you ever arrive.

Now, when you get the link, you can pull it up on your computer or on your phone. Now on your phone, you can just use your fingers, this is how it looks, or you can just use your phone or your device and just move it around and it's virtual reality. It's pretty cool, huh? Yeah. Or you could just use your fingers and move it around this way too. On your computer, you just use your mouse to drag the picture where you want it to be. Or if you really want to have some fun, you can actually take the phone and put it inside your VR goggles like this, and then do you just look around. Then you can look up, and down, and look all around, and it's like, you're actually standing inside the home. It's really pretty cool. True virtual reality.

So if you're planning on moving here from out of the area, this is how we can get it done. I'm so excited to be able to offer this service now. I can't believe we haven't been doing this before. It's such a cool technology. And it's like, "Why haven't we been doing this?" The best part is, it's absolutely free of charge. I do not charge you a penny for this service. When you work with me, this is just part of the service that I provide. I'm compensated by the seller's agent after you purchase your new home, so I don't need to charge you a fee for this amazing service.

Now that we've talked about how we can find you a home before you PCS, what do you know about the VA home loan process? I have something just for you. Just grab my free VA Home Buyer's Guide below. There's a link in the description under this video. It covers all the things you need to know about using your VA loan entitlement, how to qualify, what you'll need for the down payment, where your credit score needs to be, other important things you need to know. Just click the link below, and you'll be able to grab that right now.

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