Things To Do In Crestview | Newest Restaurants

Hey, are you looking for something new in Crestview? Well, stick around because I'm about to share some of the newest restaurants that have opened around town right now.

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Hey, and don't forget to come back here every week because I do put out new videos every Wednesday. Are you ready to learn about all the new restaurants that have come to Crestview? Awesome. Well, let's get to it. Oh, by the way, in a previous video, which you can check out right over here, I talked about the best restaurants in Crestview. They did not talk about the brand new ones, but if you're interested in finding out more restaurants in Crestview that are awesome, go check out this video over here. Oh, and also, just like I did in the last video, I am excluding all the fast food restaurants. I think that's just going to be a whole other video. But for this video, I'm focusing mainly on new restaurants that are the type of restaurant. You can go sit down inside and have a nice meal with friends or family. So let's get to it.

First off is Voo Doo BBQ. It sounds kind of crazy, doesn't it? I know, but this place is actually pretty darn awesome. It just got here, just a few months before the pandemic hit and our first time to try their barbecue was during the lockdown, so we had the whole pull-up service and took it home and ate it at home. But let me just tell you, it was such a huge and great surprise at how good it was. Oh, it was to die for. This is Cajun style barbecue. So, you've got your jerk chicken, you've got the pulled pork, you've got ... Oh, we had the brisket and the brisket was so good, right? Anyway, super, super yummy, I highly recommend it. It's a great addition to Crestview's restaurant scene.

Next up is Juicy Crab House. Now, this is actually probably one of the older of the newer places that came to town, and it sits right off of highway 10, so you can see it from the interstate. But this place is kind of fun. Now, you want to get some good seafood, this is kind of more Cajun style as well. Now, when we go there, we get the steamer bag is what it's called. So, they put all the little potatoes and the corn and the crawfish and like crab legs, all kinds of things in the bag and steam the bag with all the Cajun seasoning, right? So, you put your little bib on and you go to town and you eat it with your hands. Oh my God, it's so good though. The flavors are so powerful and they just explode in your mouth when you're eating it. It's just fantastic, so great place to take the whole fam for dinner. It's a fun, fun place. The kids, if they're not too young, will probably really get into whole eating with your hands thing. But just remember, it's a little bit more spicy, but you can like turn down the degrees of heat and they do have stuff for kids.

Okay, next up is probably one of our newest places called The Crooked Tail. This is actually a gastro pub, which is awesome. They've taken an old restaurant and refurnished it and renovated the entire inside, so now it has this beautiful atmosphere inside and a fantastic bar, which is so, so nice to have up here in Crestview. Their food is a little bit just more American fare. They've got steaks, they've got burgers, they've got wings, they've got all kinds of different things to choose from. Nachos, things of that nature. So it's, again, a pub so you've got your pub style food. My husband's favorite thing so far, I think was the pretzel with the beer cheese, which looks really amazing to me, too. My son really liked their pulled pork nachos. He thought they were pretty darn tasty.

We thought they weren't going to make it through the pandemic, but they actually held their grand opening during the lockdown, which was crazy. But they're still here, they have a fun history, they talk about why they call the place The Crooked Tail, and it's just something that you have to go and read and experience for yourself. But it's a really cool, fun little place. And it's in South Crestview, which is different from most of the other places that are up in northern side of town. So , The Crooked Tail, fun place to go check out, especially happy hour. They have some really great happy hour specials and they have a nice little patio to sit on as well, so love that.

Next up is The Heights. Now, here's the thing. I haven't actually eaten at The Heights yet, but I can't hardly wait to get over there and check it out. It's owned by the same person who owns my favorite coffee house here in town, the Casbah Coffee. And they do, in the mornings they do beignets and coffee. Oh my gosh. It's a terrible time to be gluten intolerant because I really want to eat some beignets. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh, they look amazing and everybody that's eaten there and had the beignets are raving about the beignets. Anyway, I digress. The Heights is actually Chicago style cuisine, so if you like deep dish pizza, you like Chicago dogs and the cheese steak sandwiches, all of that, that's their thing, that's their specialty. It looks like a beautiful place to go into. It's brand new, fully renovated. It's an old building from downtown that has been renovated and made to look pretty. So I can't wait to go check out this new place.

Okay, next up is a cute little bakery place in downtown, the Back Home Bakery. Now, this is actually a bakery, but it also has like a little deli cafe. So, soups and sandwiches, sandwiches and salads, that type of thing. They make fresh bread every day in the bakery. So, they do have good coffee. You can get some Italian espresso drinks in there, which is great, and you can also sit down and have a cute little lunch as well. So, fun stuff. Oh, and it's right in downtown, so it's in the historic area, which is another lovely thing about being in that area and a place like Back Home Bakery.

Now, there's one other thing I'm going to talk about, and this is a rumor, so shh. It's just between us, right? Rumor has it that, in the brand new Courthouse Suites building, a Props Brewery is scheduled to move in. Now Props Brewery, we don't have one of those in Crestview yet, but there's one in Niceville, there's one in Fort Walton, and there's one in Mary Esther. Y'all, we do love us some Props Brewery. If you're a fan of craft breweries and the types of food that they put out, they had the most fantastic hamburgers, which I'm super stoked about it because burgers is one of those things that you would think would be easy here, but to get a really good one yeah, no.

So, if Props Brewery moves into the restaurant space in Courthouse Suites downtown, oh my gosh, we're going to be there, me and my husband for sure, are going to be there on a weekly basis. For sure. Because we love, love their burgers. My husband actually, when he does feel like having a beer, likes their beer. A lot of people like their beer, they have great beer. They're veteran owned. They make great burgers and great other things too. Their chicken wings are pretty good too, by the way. So we are super, super excited to see that come to fruition, and we really hope it's very soon.

So, that's what's new here in Crestview. So, if you want to know about more restaurants than just the ones that are brand new, go over here and check out this video I made about all the best restaurants in Crestview. And if you liked this, do me a huge favor and give me a big thumbs up and drop me a comment down below. Are you excited about all the new things that are coming to Crestview or the brand new things that have just gotten here? Have you tried some of the things that I haven't been to yet? Tell me your favorites down in the comments below. I'd love to hear it. Did I miss any of your favorites? If I did be sure to drop that in the comments as well, because I can't wait to go check out all the new things, all the cool things. I'm all about all the awesomeness, so bring it on.

Oh, and if you want, I actually made you a Google map of all the restaurants in Crestview, and you can go check that out. There's a link in the description below this video that'll take you straight over to that map.

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